Héctor Sos ━ graphic design
Paper Faces

The “Paper Faces” project was created with the intention of linking CreatorVol paper use, paper for the publishing industry as natural, alive and nearby, hence the metaphor and the relationship established between paper and face.

From this idea and the need to show the qualities of paper on a four-color printing process become a series of distinctive structures made of paper that cover the faces of the different models and then photographed them.

Paper and color are the elements that give strength to the project and act as if it were preformatted articulates a photo shoot where the attitude is being sought by the model is similar to a traditional portrait session with the bust turns looking to the camera, classic profiles and three quarters while seeking a distinctly urban aesthetics, youthful and contemporary through natural light and direct, without dramatic effects the clarity of light unifies the various images to create a clean atmosphere and providing the different models of an air of naturalness.

Bronze Laus 2010, Art Direction in Photography.

Project for Rosa Lázaro Studio.
Photography: Xabier Mendiola.


Year: 2010
Client: Torras Papel